Senior Pictures | Noblesville High School | Shelby

Senior Pictures | Noblesville High School | Shelby

Senior Pictures with Shelby

Shelby is in the senior class of 2020 here at Noblesville High School.  We’ve had a few great sessions with her, but I think our favorite was the fashion shoot we did with her around the town square in downtown Noblesville.  This girl has a very classy sense of style.  One outfit in particular was light a flowy and seemed to catch every breeze that passed by.  That little bit of motion can make a world of difference in bringing life to a photograph.  On this perfectly overcast day we decided to shoot just south of the square, around Nickel Plate Arts, at the corner of 8th street and Maple Avenue.  It’s really just a couple of old houses that have been turned into a creative place for artists, but it was the perfect backdrop to create an image of this girl.  A brick wall, a wood railing, an old wrap around porch and a cobblestone path was really all we had to work with.  But these were the perfect compliment to Shelby’s classic sense of style.  In one image she is leaning against the wooden railing, with her arms propped up on the posts.  Her sleeves fell free looking a bit like angel wings as she gazed into the sky with this incredible genuine smile. It’s far from the kind of seniors photos she’ll find in her yearbook.

As one of our senior influencers, she always brings a burst of energy into our group shoot sessions.  Shelby showed up early to our school bus shoot so that we could get some county style pictures in addition to the urban images we had already created.  In her black jeans and red gingham top, she looked like she belonged in the country against that old rusty fence.  She turned that smile on like a light switch, and made our job of creating beautiful images of her so very easy.  She climbed a tree, hopped up on the old concrete pillar, and didn’t mind getting down in the weeds at all, so that we could create a little texture in the foreground.  If this has been our only encounter with her, I would have pegged her as a total tom-boy or at least farm-girl.  But fifteen minutes later, she had changed into her Noblesville High School cheerleading uniform, and the city girl came right back out.  She dropped right into character for us, holding a letter jacket over her shoulder and really working with us to make some amazing pictures with the group. From a senior photographer’s perspective, Shelby was a dream to work with.

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Senior Pictures with Noblesville High School student Shelby
Noblesville High School Senior Portraits with Shelby
Senior Portrait of Noblesville High School Cheerleader Shelby
Senior photo of Shelby, High School Student in Noblesville, Indiana

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