Senior Photos | Noblesville High School | Sarah

Senior Photos | Noblesville High School | Sarah

Senior Photos with Noblesville High School Tennis Player – Sarah

Senior photos were not at the top of Sarah’s mind as she was entering her twelfth year of high school.  But a friend of a friend reached out to tell us that she would be a perfect girl for our senior model team.  Sarah was a little shy coming into our first group shoot.  I can only imagine that growing up being the only red head and the tallest girl in her class created some would make anyone a little self-conscious of their appearance, but in the world of photography those are the exact things that super models are made of.

It wasn’t long before her natural leadership kicked in, and the other influencers were looking to her for advice.  She is always helpful, incredibly thoughtful, and her smile is more than just a little contagious.  From the moment Rachel started hair and makeup with her, it was one giggle after another.  Since we were already in the studio in downtown Noblesville, we decided to click a few frames in the parking lot right behind Alexanders on the square.  The way the white paint had fallen off that century old brick wall is the kind of things most photographers have to fake with printed paper backdrops or using Photoshop compositing techniques.  All we needed to do was use our portable strobes and a soft box to add a touch of fill light to her face, and it instantly created the kind of portrait that you would find in a fashion magazine.

We continued on to the pedestrian bridge that leads to Forest Park.  Just like before, Sarah’s smile took center stage and made this photo session a joy for everyone.  A clothing change and a quick drive later, we found this beautiful open space with tall grass and an amazing tree line.  We dropped this beautiful blue velvet chair in the middle of the field, setup a light or two, and got right back to our senior session as it quickly turned to golden hour.

As part of our Senior Influencer Team, we had the privilege to create dozens of amazing senior photos with Sarah. In addition to her primary fashion shoot and the multiple group shoots, were even able to do a photo session on her home tennis court at Noblesville High School.

While there is no way that we could take credit for all of the growth that Sarah has done over her senior year in high school, her mother made a point to tell us that our Senior Model program was exactly what she needed to create a whole new level of confidence in herself.  In fact, the biggest issue that her mom had with the incredible senior photos that we created together, was that she didn’t know about us when Sarah’s older sister graduated  a couple of years ago, and that her sister is going to be more than a little jealous!

Makeup by Rachel At Inked Hair Guru

If senior photos are important to you, even if you don’t feel super confident in the way that you look, reach out to .  For some students, a high fashion photo shoot can be the life changing experience they need to see themselves as the beautiful girls that they are.

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Senior Photo of Sarah in Noblesville, IN

The senior experience you provided for Sarah went above and beyond.
The Senior Influencers program that Kate offers is highly recommended.

Laurie Dyer

Co-Owner, T&T Sales and Promotions

Senior Photo of Sarah from Noblesville High School
Senior Picture of NHS Tennis Player, Sarah

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