Senior Pictures | What To Expect At Your Shoot

Senior Pictures | What To Expect At Your Shoot

What The Shoot Will Look Like

 We know going into your senior shoot can be incredibly nerve wracking. So here is a quick outline of what the shoot will look like, so that you know exactly what you are walking into!!

We will meet at the location we decided would work best for you. First, we will go through all the outfits you brought! (You are bringing TONS of outfits, right?!?!)  We’ll talk about which ones are the must haves, and which ones just have YOU written all over them.  This will help me guide you through the session and coordinate which outfit will look best for each different spot we chose! During this time, my assistant will be unpacking our gear, getting the lighting rig set up, and making sure that everything is ready to go when we start shooting. Together, we’ll choose which outfit to start with, based on the scenery around us, and jump right into taking your pictures!

Don’t worry.  We understand that you aren’t a professional model.  Part of our job is to make your look fantastic!  So, every time we move spots (even if its just a few steps away), and every time you change outfits, I will repose you. Don’t stress about posing, this is literally MY JOB! I have studied posing under some of the biggest names in the industry for years to make sure I know how to position your body to flatter you most.  There will be poses you feel like are incredibly awkward, but trust me on this, your final images will look amazing!

We will constantly be checking hair, to make sure you don’t have any fly away hairs, or any hair that are going to cause any distractions in the final picture. For example, you don’t want your long blonde hair to look like it’s coming out of your armpit, right?  That’s the kind of thing we’re always on the lookout for. We’ll also make sure your clothes are laying properly, nothings bunched up, bra straps aren’t showing etc.  These details will make all the difference in the world, when you finally get to see your Senior portraits.

We will move throughout the location to find unique backgrounds to fit your style. Don’t underestimate how many fun backgrounds we can get in a small area. Many times, if we are in an urban location, one or two blocks will provide enough different looks for the entire shoot.  It might feel like everything is going to look the same, but a tiny change in perspective can completely change and image.

As mentioned before, we’ll be doing lots of wardrobe changes as well.  Sometimes just adding a jacket or hair accessory can completely change the mood of a picture.  Other timed, we’ll ask you to go from jeans and a t-shirt into a formal gown.  If we’re shooting near our studio on the square in Noblesville, that will be a perfect place to change.  In some locations, we’ll be able to find a restaurant, boutique, or other place where you’ll be able to change.  Other times, you’ll need to be able to change in your car, if that’s something you are comfortable with.  If not, just let us know, and we’ll work around it.

As your shoot continues, you’ll start to see some patterns.  We’ll introduce you to ‘flow posing’ where we’ll give you a few instructions, and you’ll just start shifting from one expression to another, one pose to the next.  Before you know it, you’ll be modeling like a pro, but we’ll be right there with you.  You’ll never feel like you are alone in this, or you don’t know what to do!

Our high fashion photo sessions are lots of fun, but they can also be exhausting!  If you feel like you need a break, just let us know.  Modeling is fun and exciting, but it’s a lot of work, too!  We’ll do our best to keep you in the shade, but don’t ever feel like you can’t tell us that we need to slow down, or pause for few minutes.