Senior Pictures | Why Choose The Studio Kate

Senior Pictures | Why Choose The Studio Kate

Looking for unique and memorable senior pictures?


Looking for unique and memorable senior pictures? Our senior photo shoots are unlike any other. With our state-of-the-art equipment and lighting, we create images that have been compared to high fashion shoots. Think Vogue, Louis Vuitton.  

 By pairing our world-class makeup artists and hair stylists with our extensive photography skills, we can help you create senior pictures that represent who you are, Why that you won’t find anywhere else.

 The Studio Kate is the senior photographer who will make your photo shoot a total fashion experience that you will remember for years to come. Our shoots are more like fashion magazine shoots than cheesy senior pictures. Anything but traditional, our goal is to create images of your senior year that you will absolutely love. You know, the photos that will make your friends jealous.  In fact, they might even change how you see yourself.

 Every year we come up with new and exciting themes and ideas that make us stand out from other photographers in our area. If you are looking for senior photos that are unique, stylish, and memorable, we can help. Don’t settle for bad senior pictures by your mom’s friend with a camera, or your high school friend who been doing this for 2 months. We will work with you to create senior portraits that are unique to you. 

 This is your senior year. Let’s create images that will blow people away, and make your friends wish they had found us first!


(Please note: Due to Covid-19, our hair, makeup, and wardrobe services are currently on hold.)



Senior Pictures | The Process

Senior Pictures | The Process

This is what your Senior Photo Shoot will look like…


 Our process starts with listening.  We’ll have a few questions for you, but we really want to know what you are looking for in Senior pictures.  These photos should be unique to every Senior, so we’ll ask things like what your fashion style is, what you like and don’t like in your friends Senior pictures, and what you will use your pictures for. All of those things will come together to help you choose a date/time/location and help us create the perfect Senior pictures for you!


After that happens, we will email you an invoice and contract for our sitting fee that you can pay and sign online. Once your invoice is paid, and your contract is signed, your date and time are secured.


Now that you are on our schedule, we’ll send you a few emails to help you prepare for your session.  Things like “What to wear” and “What to bring” are common questions, so we’ve put together a few articles that will help with the common questions.  If at any time you have other questions for us, we’re always happy to hear from you and help you be prepared for this incredible experience.


On the day of your shoot, we will meet at the chosen location, and review your wardrobe selections with you.  Once we have a first outfit and our initial location it will be time to get started creating some unbelievable images! We wander around that area for a while.  You will be surprised at how many different scenes we can create in one location!   If we need to, we may pack up and head to a second site.  You’ll also have multiple wardrobe changes to vary your looks as we go. I don’t put a time limit on the shoot but will stop once we get everything we need or once it is obvious that you are worn out! (With Senior girls this is typically between the 90 minute and 2-hour mark.)


This is going to be an unforgettable experience!  Our goal is to make you feel like a fashion model for a day, so you can plan on lots of posing direction, what to do with your hands, and lots and lots of primping to be sure everything is perfectly in place!


About two weeks after your shoot, we will have you and both of your parents/guardians, if they are available, come into the studio where we will watch a slideshow of all your pictures from that day.  This can all be a little emotional, but we’ll be right there to help you decide how you’d like to preserve these beautiful milestone images! This is also a great time to get your hands on all our products. We sell a range of items from gift prints for your Aunts and Uncles, to mobile apps so you can show off these amazing pictures to your friends.  Our focus, though, is on albums and wall art.  Whether it’s classic canvas, modern metal, or our stunning acrylics we just love to see these images hanging on the walls of your home. We only sell the best quality products, so you know these portraits will last a lifetime! In fact, if you’ll send us a picture of some of the walls in your home, I can show you what the different pictures and products would like on very own your walls!  This image reveal and ordering session will be your one opportunity to purchase a collection of images at a discount.  After the reveal, we are only able to offer our products a la carte. To give you an idea of our pricing, 8×10 gift prints are $50 and heavily discounted collections start at 749. 


About 4-6 weeks later, you will have your ordered products in your hands and ready to share with your friends and family.

Do you have any questions about our process?  If so, we always welcome clients to reach out and ask.  Our number one source of clients is existing client referrals, so we want to do everything we can to be sure that you have both incredible images and an amazing story to tell your friends about your experience with us.

We can’t wait to work with you!

Senior Pictures | 6 Tips To Nail Your Senior Session

Senior Pictures | 6 Tips To Nail Your Senior Session

Feel Like Hiding in Front of The Camera??

Being the only one in front of the camera can cause anxiety and be overwhelming.  We want to do everything we can to prepare you for your shoot, so here we have provided the top six things you need to know how to nail your senior portrait with confidence.  This will allow us to create the most beautiful pictures you have ever seen of yourself!

  1. Express Emotion Through with Your Eyes

Your eyes are telling a story. What story do you want to see in your pictures? I always remind clients that it is important to “look happy in your eyes”. You can avoid awkward photos by using your eyes to express emotion. When a natural smile occurs the whole face lights up and the eyes look bright and awake. It sounds cheesy, but I promise if  you can practice smiling in the mirror and working different expressions before your shoot it will help you understand what facial expressions you want to have in your pictures.

  1. Find Enthusiasm

Turn all the emotions you have into an enthusiastic desire to create the best pictures ever!  Let the lens translate all that emotion by taking a moment to relax, breathe, and have fun with it. Listen closely as we direct you and use those instructions to guide yourself through the poses.

  1. Breathe

You already know it’s important to use your eyes to demonstrate your emotion, and this may sound like an obvious one, but breathing is a key aspect in capturing a natural look. This is another good thing to practice in front of the mirror before your shoot. Push the air out while holding the smile and notice how your face and eyes settle into a natural and relaxed expression.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Move Your Body

Staying stationary can often produce a very staged and cheesy look. Just because you are still does not mean that you cannot change your angles to create a fresh and inspired look. Be open and prepared for us to instruct you through different movements. For example, when wearing a dress, we will have you slowly twirl! This automatically brings out great emotion that translates into beautiful pictures!

  1. Bring a Friend

It is always good to have someone who knows how to make you truly laugh and smile around!! Bring that person, whether is a classmate, cousin, aunt or neighbor! Your people are always welcome!


6.Spiffy Up

Yes you, spiffy up! Even if you are typically in sweats, wear no makeup, and put your hair in a messy bun, or guys if you roll out of bed every morning and walk out the door. Girls, spend the extra time curling your hair, getting your makeup done and choosing that outfit that makes you feel like you’re on a fashion runway. Gentlemen, get a fresh hair cut the week before. On the day of the session, shower and shave (even if it’s just peach fuzz) . Treating yourself like a king or queen will help you look confident in your pictures! This is the perfect opportunity to go above and beyond for yourself!


And most importantly, don’t forget that our job is to guide you through the entire proccess!




Referral Deadline-EXTENDED

Referral Deadline-EXTENDED

September 1st Deadline MOVED to OCTOBER 1ST




$1000 Photo Credit &  $1500 Scholarship Referrals

Part of being on the Senior Influencer Team is working hard to refer other Seniors to The Studio Kate. 

Corona has thrown a twist in all of our planning, but now that school is going to officially be back in session we feel confident setting the Referral Deadline to SEPTEMBER 1ST! This will give you face to face time with your friends, and Senior Class to get these referrals! 


 How do I earn the $1000 Photo Product Credit?

  • Earned by referring 5 or more booked clients
  • Order fulfilled after 5th client completes photo session

How do I win the $1500 College Prep

  • Refer 5 or more booking clients to qualify
  • The ONE Influencer who refers the most booking clients wins. It’s that simple.

Let’s spend the next month working hard to make this the best year yet for The Studio Kate!





Referral Deadline-EXTENDED


 Rep Cards 


 Here is the 2021 Rep Card Design! 


If you have had your photo shoot yours are ready to pick up! Contact me to set up a time to pick them up!!!

*The pink is showing up a little dark on here, they will be a lighter pink**