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Family photos are something that have always been important to the Davey Family.  A quick scroll through Amy’s facebook and you can tell that she has always made time for family photos! It always brings me joy when my clients truly see the value in capturing every stage they can of their family’s lives. And I can always tell when children are use to being in front of the camera. Most of the time, it makes the photo shoot a lot less stressful.

Amy, her husband Michael, and two daughters Maya and Charolette were an absolute joy to take pictures of. We decided to give Tuttles Orchard a try, and it turned out to be the perfect spot! We were headed into pumpkin patch season and were coming out of the season to pick apples. So, there were rows and rows of beautiful apple trees, the ground covered in fallen apples created the perfect setting for pictures.

Charlotte and Maya are just about the sweetest girls you will meet. They spoke with kindness and listed to instruction well. My favorite moment of the shoot was when I had Maya tell Charolette a secret. Maya’s little hands up at her mouth, shielding her secret from everyone was beyond precious. And watching Maya’s eyes as her sister shared her secret was like watching magic. Having a sister myself, I know how simple words from a sister can light up your day. I hope these girls always share this special bond that can’t be replaced.

If head shots are important to you, even if you don’t feel super confident in the way that you look, reach out to  For some people, a high fashion photo shoot can be the life changing experience they need to see themselves as the confident, professional person their next employer is looking for.



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Senior Photo of Noblesville High School Tennis Player, Sarah
Senior Photo of Noblesville High School Tennis Player, Sarah

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