Family Portraits

Studio Kate – Portrait Design
Portrait Photographer | Noblesville, IN

Unforgettable Experience

Kids giggling. Dad smiling. Mom feeling gorgeous. If this doesn’t sound like your last family portrait experience, maybe it’s time you give us a try.
We know how to bring the best of your kids, even your biggest kid. (We’re looking at you, Dad!)
Painless. Timeless. Gorgeous.
You deserve to have amazing images hanging on your wall, and an album that the kids will fight over when they are older.

Unbelievable Images

Unquestionable Reputation


After many experiences with photographers over the last 5 years, I can honestly say this has been the BEST experience I have ever had. The entire shoot was incredibly relaxed and stress-free.

– Megan Michelle

Undeniable Beauty

We know you want great family pictures. And we know it’s not easy to coordinate their outfits, let alone their attitudes. We help you choose outfits, locations, and all the details.
Our Family Portrait Sessions start at $200.  And when it comes time to try to get the whole group to look in one direction, and give a genuine smile, we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve for that, too. You know you’ve got a beautiful family. Let us create a piece of art that let’s you share that with your world.