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Insurance Agent Head Shots are typically put in the “old school” and “boring” category. When Ashlin Hadden Insurance Agency approached me about taking Head Shots for her team I knew that her pictures would not fall under either of those categories. To say that we had some good laughs during this shoot would be an understatement.

Ashlin has worked hard to create an extraordinary team that goes above and beyond for their clients. We learned first hand how Ashlin, Zee, Rose, and Shannon work together to make sure every need you have is met.   In January of 2019 my family and business insurance were handed over to Ashlin to handle. She saved us a TON of money on our monthly premiums. Unfortunately, in February of 2019 I was in a serious car accident that Ashlin has done an indescribably amazing job advocating for me. We would have been lost without her guidance, it definitely took a lot of the stress off my back.

Ashlin believes that the Insurance business was built on a firm handshake, a stiff drink, swanky offices, and dare I say it? — on the golf course. This industry was built by strong men, and they did a good job in leading the way for strong women to take their place alongside them. Ashlin has been in the financial/insurance industry for over 15 years. She left the banking industry and has been working exclusively in insurance for over 5 years. Originally an Agent for Liberty before she took a leap of faith and decided to go out on her own Ashlin has found her place in the E-commerce industry.

Ashlin started her own agency because she was tired of working hard for her clients, only to have the insurance carrier take advantage of them at renewal time with nothing she could do about it. She demanded change. She decided that she wanted more products, more choices and more control. She invested in her customers, her community and her family. Ashlin’s clients love doing business with her because she is real, accessible, on top of the latest technology, and most importantly a part of their lives.

Working with clients from all over the country Ashlin fights to help protect their most valuable assets. Although licensed to sell all personal, commercial and life insurance, her real passion is for E-commerce sellers.

Ashlin has spoken at several conferences the past year and is very excited to help educate clients on their risks and how to protect them.


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Senior Photo of Noblesville High School Tennis Player, Sarah

“Kate and Jerm are AMAZING!  So caring and truly want to make every picture-perfect for you!  I love my office headshots!  Don’t look anywhere else!”

Ashlin Haddin

Ashlin Haddin Insurance

Senior Photo of Noblesville High School Tennis Player, Sarah
Senior Photo of Noblesville High School Tennis Player, Sarah

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