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Head shots are a great asset when it’s time to return to the job market.  The other day I answered the phone, said “Hello,”, and this is what I heard.  “I’m Karin and I need head shots. And KrisAnn LOVED the head shots you created with her, so I know you will do the same for me! When can you fit me in?”  Karin didn’t care how much a session cost, what the process was, or anything that most people ask when they are first inquiring. She only wanted to know if I could help her with creating a head shot that she could be confidently herself in! That I sure can do!

Working to create head shots that women love of themselves is a passion of mine. I have spent years studying how to light and pose women in the most flattering possible way. One of the most rewarding parts of my job is showing women the final product, seeing their eyes fill with tears, a smile on their face and listening to them when they share something like “I’ve never seen a picture of myself like this, one that I love and feel good about.” So, as you can imagine, when Karin called, I was incredibly excited to have another woman to treat like a queen!

Karin is a former Client Partner with Verizon, who handled large global accounts such as Cummins and Eli Lilly. She took a year of leave and is ready to re-enter the work force. Doing so, she wanted head shots that she could put on her resume that she felt really confident about. To Karin, it was important that she looked like her. She didn’t want us to dress her up and turn her into an unrecognizable Karin. There is nothing more that I appreciate than a woman who doesn’t want to hide or be someone else, but a woman who wants to be confident in her own skin!

Karin spent the last year doing so many fun things. She traveled a lot, hitting the bourbon trail, visiting her son in Los Angeles, spending time with her brother, and visiting places that have been on her “to visit’ list for years. She also spent her time baking and cooking, especially when she hosted family and friends! She even celebrated her birthday and anniversary with a little trip to the local Top Golf! It is so very apparent in the time that she spent that her family and friends are a precious gift in her life!

Karin’s headshots turned out absolutely phenomenal! Her professionalism shines through while showing what a beautiful gal she is! It’s an image that Karin feels confident is going to catapult her into the next job of her dreams! The Studio Kate cannot wait to see what the future holds for her!

Hair and Makeup: Rachel with Inked Hair Guru

If head shots are important to you, even if you don’t feel super confident in the way that you look, reach out to Katie@TheStudioKate.com .  For some people, a high fashion photo shoot can be the life changing experience they need to see themselves as the confident, professional person their next employer is looking for.

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Senior Photo of Noblesville High School Tennis Player, Sarah
Senior Photo of Noblesville High School Tennis Player, Sarah
Senior Photo of Noblesville High School Tennis Player, Sarah

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