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A Few Of Our Favorite Family Portraits

In which cities do we photograph families?

Noblesville, Indiana is our home. We just had one Noblesville Miller graduate from NHS in 2022, and have another one graduating in 2024. We work all over the Indianapolis area, and have even done destination family photo sessions in all of the surrounding states and as far away as Texas. Primarily, our family photography is done in the Hamilton County area, including Noblesville, Fishers, Westfield, Carmel, Pendleton, and Fortville.

Where are the best locations to create family photos in Noblesville?

Are you looking for the perfect location for your family photo session in Noblesville? Look no further! Our beautiful city has plenty of stunning spots for family portraits. While every photographer has their favorite places, many of the city’s beautiful locations are open for all to use. Whether you’re a professional photographer, a parent with a camera, or simply curious about the best places for family photos in Noblesville, we’ve put together a list of some of the top locations for family photo sessions. Keep in mind that some photographers may have exclusive access to certain locations, but there are still plenty of options to choose from. We hope this list helps you find the perfect spot for your family’s photo session and that you have a great time capturing memories together! Here’s our list of some of the best places to do a family photo session in Noblesville.

1. Hamilton County Courthouse

Noblesville family portraits 18 Noblesville Family Photographer
While the Hamilton County Courthouse provides some amazing architectural backgrounds, the surrounding courtyard has a number of beautiful areas to shoot in as well. This family photo was taken behind the old Hamilton County Jail and Historical Museum.

2. Downtown Noblesville Square

Noblesville Senior High School Student leaning against and old store window on the historic Noblesville square wearing a sleeveless white summer dress and giving off serious fashion model vibes. Credit: Studio Kate Portrait Design - Noblesville Senior Pictures
Everything surrounding the courthouse is considered part of the Historic Downtown Noblesville Square. It’s lined with restaurants, retail shops, antique stores, and service businesses like ours. Each of these storefronts provides another unique photo opportunity, as do the recently renovated alley spaces and art installations. This is a natural place for families to gather, and a great spot for a family picture.

3. Forest Park

Noblesville Senior High School student is wearing a green summer dress while she stands on the edge of the carousel floor leaning out holding one of the classic polished brass bars.  You can see the carousel horses, classic roof lights, and the Forest Park trees softly focused in the background.
Forest Park is 150 acres of family photo possibilities. With plenty of green spaces, playgrounds, walking paths, and even a fully functional carousel, this park is a family photographer’s dream. There’s plenty of shade (photographers love shade) and a pedestrian bridge that crosses SR19 and the White River, which leads you right back to our studio!

4. Potter’s Bridge

Noblesville Senior High School Student wearing a jean jacket sitting on the ledge of a rock wall built on one of the supports that holds up Potter’s Bridge. Credit: Studio Kate Portrait Design - Noblesville Senior Pictures
One of the highlights of Noblesville is Potter’s Bridge. This 150-year-old covered bridge spans 260 feet across the White River. The bridge itself is a great place for family pictures, but there are also some trails, a field, and the river itself that make this a potential all-in-one stop for family portraits. This is a classic spot for Noblesville locals to have family portraits taken.

5. White River Greenway

Noblesville Senior High School Student wearing a long blue dress sitting in the grass with spots of sunlight sneaking in along the White River Greenway. Credit: Studio Kate Portrait Design - Noblesville Senior Pictures
We’ve already talked about a few of the stops on the White River Greenway, like Potter’s Bridge, Forest Park, and the Square, but it extends far beyond that. While a large portion of the trail follows the river’s path, some people don’t know that it technically connects all the way over to the park at Morse Reservoir.

6. Seminary Park

Noblesville Senior High School Student wearing his Noblesville Millers basketball jersey and palming a basketball at arm’s length toward the camera.  In the darkened background of the NHS gymnasium, you can see the various awards and championship banners from many years of the team’s competitions. Credit: Studio Kate Portrait Design - Noblesville Senior Pictures
Another great public green space in Noblesville is Seminary Park on South 10th Street. There you will find another acre and a half of manicured lawn, mature trees, and a gazebo. There’s also a small playground for the kids to play on after the shoot is done, or as part of your family pictures!

7. Historic Homes

Noblesville Senior High School Student wearing a sharp suit while he sits on the steps in front of the stage at Federal Hill Commons leaning on the step behind him. Credit: Studio Kate Portrait Design - Noblesville Senior Pictures
Downtown Noblesville is filled with beautiful turn-of-the-century architecture. We know a number of these homeowners who love to show off their homes and are happy to let us do family portraits on their front porches. If you want to know what they look like on the inside, check out the Noblesville Preservation Alliance’s Annual Historic Home Tour!

8. Arbuckle’s Railroad Place

Noblesville Senior High School Student wearing jeans tucked into her knee high brown boots and a white flowing top.  She’s leaning against a post at Arbuckle’s Railroad Place. Credit: Studio Kate Portrait Design - Noblesville Senior Pictures
Arbuckle’s is closed now, but still a hidden gem in town that you’ll probably never see unless you’re specifically looking for it, or you get lost downtown. And its late owner Bob Arbuckle is now a Noblesville legend. There are a number of reasons that professional photographers have stopped shooting on railroad tracks (even retired ones), but this is a great chance to climb up on a caboose and get a few extra fun clicks.

9. Hague Road Nature Haven

Noblesville Senior High School Student wearing a white sweater looking up and away with her hand on the back of her neck just behind her wavy blonde hair.  She’s leaning on some greenery in front of a black framed store window at Hamilton Town Center. Credit: Studio Kate Portrait Design - Noblesville Senior Pictures
Most parks provide some greenery to shoot against, but Indiana is incredibly beautiful when the leaves start to change colors in the fall. Noblesville has a number of different parks and trails, but the Hague Road Nature Haven does not disappoint when a family portrait photographer is looking for natural beauty.

10. Studio Kate Portrait Design

Noblesville Senior High School student wearing a while off the shoulder sweater and black pants.  She’s posed against the exposed brick studio wall in almost a “Thinker” statue position but looking directly at the camera with only the slightest hint of a smile.  Her shoulder length straight blonde hair is all pulled to one side and the dramatic light provides some darkened shadows on the right-side edges of her face.  Credit: Studio Kate Portrait Design - Noblesville Senior Pictures
Last on our list, but certainly not least, is our very own portrait studio in the Gordon Building on the historic Noblesville square. Some families love their outdoor locations, but for classic, formal family portraits, nothing beats the possibilities inside our well-equipt photography studio. Of course, it doesn’t have to be formal. We can do anything from classic clean white pictures to dramatic images that look like they belong in an art museum, to fun or funny images that can only be created using green screen technology. Just let us know that you’d like some studio photography in addition to your other location choice(s), and we’ll create a family heirloom that will hang on the walls of your descendants for generations to come.

Why are family pictures important?

We believe that family photos are important for so many reasons, and one of our favorite reasons is that they can actually increase self-confidence in children. It’s not just about having a fun photo session or getting a few digital images to share on social media. Studies have shown that when children see their own portraits hanging prominently on the wall, they feel valued and loved by their family. Every time they see themselves looking their best, proudly displayed for all to see, it reinforces the message that they are important and loved. Not only will this boost their self-confidence, but it’s also a beautiful way to show your love and appreciation for your children every day. We hope you’ll consider booking a family photo session with us to create some special memories and strengthen your family bond.

When is the most common time to take family portraits in Noblesville?

Family portrait photographers in different areas of the country have different busy seasons. This is partially due to different weather patterns, but also due to local traditions. As a photographer in Noblesville, Indiana, we’ve found these to be the busiest times of the year for family photos.

  • Many families choose to do their family portrait sessions during the fall to take advantage of the cool weather and beautiful Autumn colors.
  • Some families love to take family pictures mid-summer and often choose a setting that reflects their outdoor lifestyle.
  • We are so very blessed to have our own portrait studio, which allows us to create beautiful family images year-round, no matter the season, weather, or other uncontrollable outdoor conditions.

What should we wear in our family photos?

Every family is different and every family has its own unique style. It’s tempting to force everyone into matching outfits, but the most important thing to remember is to wear the clothes that make you feel best about yourself! Yes, it’s adorable when everyone is coordinated, but if dad is forced to wear that 10-year-old dress shirt that doesn’t fit him anymore, no one is going to be happy. Our best advice is to talk with us first, then bring a few outfits for each person. There will be time during the session for at least one changes of clothes. So if you aren’t sure, bring it! We’ll help you decide which outfits work best for your family portrait outfits.

Here are a few examples of coordinated outfits that have worked well in the past:

1. Matching Outfits

Noblesville Senior High School Student wearing her formal homecoming dress standing in front of the Hamilton County courthouse, leaning against the stair hand rail. Credit: Studio Kate Portrait Design - Noblesville Senior Pictures
Actually matching outfits isn’t always the best idea. But when the whole family is comfortable in something like jeans and white button-down shirts, it really allows the eyes to put the clothes into the background and focus on the facial expressions and sibling dynamics that are captured in a lifestyle family portrait.

2. Pick a Color

Noblesville Senior High School Student wearing favorite sleeveless concert t-shirt. She’s sitting on the hood of an rusty Ford truck, with her jacket hanging off her shoulder, in her bare feet. Credit: Studio Kate Portrait Design - Noblesville Senior Pictures
A good step down from forcing everyone into matching outfits is to pick a color and let each person pull something they love from their closet. Blues are usually a good color that provides a lot of different colors without clashing with each other. This allows each person to express their own personality, while still coordinating together as a family.

3. Match Formality

This Noblesville Senior High School graduate is on the sidewall in front of one of the shops on the square.  His arms are crossed and he’s wearing his black and gold Noblesville cap and gown.  You can see the NHS crest on his chest and the tassel hanging from his mortarboard cap.  His smile could only be described as contagious.  Credit: Studio Kate Portrait Design - Noblesville Senior Pictures
It doesn’t always have to be a full-color match. If everyone is in something formal, that can be enough to tie the image together. When creating a formal family portrait with a classic studio backdrop a little formality can instantly create an heirloom feel to a family photo.

4. Antique Style

This Noblesville Senior High School cheerleader is standing on the NHS football field with her black and gold metallic pom poms at her hips.  The school’s “N” logo covers the torso  of her cheer uniform, and she has a big laughing smile on her face.
Maybe not so much with the adults, but it’s always fun to put younger kids in clothes that look like they are from a different time period. Not only does it make the kids feel confident in their special family photo clothes, but it also makes for some of the cutest family pictures!

5. Let The Kids Pick

Senior portrait image of a Noblesville High School student posed along the edge of the water on the White River Greenway in Noblesville, Indiana.   Credit: Studio Kate Portrait Design - Noblesville Senior Pictures
If you are an adventurous family, then let the kids pick one of their favorite costumes. When a child’s imagination gets going there’s no end to the smiles they’ll generously provide. This image was from a “lost boys” theme, based on the story of Peter Pan. If you want to make a kid feel super special, let’s talk about a themed session, and let’s bring their imagination to life!

6. Don’t Stress

Noblesville Senior High School student wearing a big floppy sun hat.  Her long wavy hair is falling in front of her shoulders and her hand is gently pulling one side of the pink hat down. Her smile reaches from her mouth, up her cheeks, and all the way into her eyes.  Credit: Studio Kate Portrait Design - Noblesville Senior Pictures
Everyone gives their best smiles with they are most comfortable If that means everyone is wearing something completely different, that’s OK too! The most important thing is that everyone is confident in what they are wearing. Don’t stress if you can’t find that perfect combination to create this year’s family pictures.

What else should we bring to our family photography shoot?

Aside from the different outfits you’d like to consider for your pictures, there are a few other things you should bring as well.

  • Hair Tools – Even if you choose to use our incredibly talented hair and makeup artists, sometimes you just need your own brush. Don’t worry, we’ll have plenty of hair spray!
  • Accessories – Sometimes a big floppy hat or a favorite scarf can make a world of difference. Sunglasses, jewelry, and even that phone with the flowered case that they never seem to put down can add personality to the images. Don’t be afraid to bring too much! We’ll help you sort out what will create the best family portraits.
  • Props – Do you have a favorite family board game? Bring it! Do you all love our Indianapolis Colts? Bring your fan gear! Does your whole family play a sport together? Bring that equipment, too! Think about what brings you together as a family!
  • Themes – We LOVE when families really get into their sessions. Maybe we need to re-create a great British bake-off, spend some time out on your boat, or find a place where the family Jeep will get put to its limits. If there’s something that you love to do as a family, let’s talk about it and figure out how we can capture that shared interest in a portrait session.

What should we expect in a family photography session?

We know that every family photo session is unique, and we strive to make ours an exciting and memorable experience for everyone. Our sessions are more like a high-end fashion magazine shoot than a traditional portrait session, with optional hair and makeup services, multiple outfits and backgrounds to choose from, and a variety of local locations to capture your family’s personalities. If we have the opportunity to spend some time in our studio, you’ll be amazed at the creative possibilities that come with full control over lighting and backdrops. Our goal is to create a family album full of pictures that are as unique as you and your children, and we can’t wait to work with you to capture some beautiful memories.

We have a video from one of our other family photo shoots that might explain it better than we could:

Behind The Scenes – Family Portrait Session Video

How much do family portraits cost?

For family portraits, our standard session fee is $199. There are options for extended sessions, hair and makeup artists, and fashion or home decor consultations. Or if you’d like to consider one of our destination sessions, we can talk about those, too! Products and images are purchased separately when you return to the studio for your ordering session. We always love to see our families in big, epic wall art! And we believe that a custom-designed album is the very best way to archive a variety of images and create an heirloom that will last for generations.

Are we the best family photographer in Noblesville?

That’s not really for us to say, but we can share what others have said.

Best I’ve ever worked with.

Kate is definitely the best photographer I’ve ever worked with. I 1000% recommend Katie. I will definitely be a returning client.
Courtney P.

The Best!

The best! So down-to-Earth & easy to work with! I love her sense of humor & creative ability.
Suzie S.

100/5 stars

If I could give 100/5 stars, I would!
Would recommend over and over!
Lori N.

Lots of Fun

Her work is phenomenal! She has lots of fun during your sessions too! Highly recommend!
Celina K.

What’s the best way to connect with Kate?

Just fill out the form below, and we’ll be sure to get right back to you. Or if you prefer to call or email, those details can be found at the bottom of this page as well. We can’t wait to hear about you, your significant other, and your kids. We’re ready to collaborate with you to create images as unique as they are. Reach out! When you see these pictures, you’ll be thrilled that you did!