How Our Senior Photo Shoots Evolved Into Senior Fashion Experiences 



Senior pictures has always been one of my favorite genres as a portrait photographer. There are many categories I enjoy but there is something amazing about working with someone one on one, seeing their soul through the lens of my camera, and then sharing the final product created only to see the utmost joy on their faces!

In my office I have a reminder of how lucky I am to be in a career that I love.  In a journal filled with much wisdom, my grandfather wrote “If you must work-find something you would do for nothing, but you get paid well for” I keep that on my office wall along with a picture of my grandfather and me.

 It’s been almost 23 years since my passion for photography was ignited. I was in high school taking the Basic Photography course. Over the last 23 years I have taken that hobby and turned it into my full-time career! How lucky am I? During that process, I have weeded a lot of genres out.  Weddings, no thanks. Newborns, not patient enough. Boudoir, really just not my thing. This list goes on and on, but one of the types of photography that has always stuck with me is Senior portraits.

Since our first senior shoots for the class of 2007, we have tried a lot of different things, and believe we have found the sweet spot for what our Senior photoshoots should include. In the early years it was book your shoot, show up to your shoot, and then wait for the digitals to be delivered. But we’ve learned that if you only deliver digital files, they wind up in the back of a desk drawer somewhere.  For me photography has always been so much more than handing someone a USB stick with pictures on it.  It’s about creating art that can hang on the wall, bring joy every day, and be proudly passed down to the next generation.

But even beyond the finished product, I dreamt of creating a Senior Fashion Experience that was as memorable as my own senior photo shoot. So we have spent years working with mentors, sharing ideas with other photographers, and asking seniors what they loved about their own senior sessions.  That dream has been realized in what is now our standard process.  It’s a vision that includes everything from getting to know who my client is, and what they aspire to become.  It’s making sure I’m capturing her unique personality in the images I create.  And maybe most importantly, it’s about making her feel like a queen for a day.

Next week I will go into more detail about what is included in our Senior Fashion Experience

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Senior Portrait of Hamilton South Eastern High School Senior, Stephanie

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