Feel Like Hiding in Front of The Camera??

Being the only one in front of the camera can cause anxiety and be overwhelming.  We want to do everything we can to prepare you for your shoot, so here we have provided the top six things you need to know how to nail your senior portrait with confidence.  This will allow us to create the most beautiful pictures you have ever seen of yourself!

  1. Express Emotion Through with Your Eyes

Your eyes are telling a story. What story do you want to see in your pictures? I always remind clients that it is important to “look happy in your eyes”. You can avoid awkward photos by using your eyes to express emotion. When a natural smile occurs the whole face lights up and the eyes look bright and awake. It sounds cheesy, but I promise if  you can practice smiling in the mirror and working different expressions before your shoot it will help you understand what facial expressions you want to have in your pictures.

  1. Find Enthusiasm

Turn all the emotions you have into an enthusiastic desire to create the best pictures ever!  Let the lens translate all that emotion by taking a moment to relax, breathe, and have fun with it. Listen closely as we direct you and use those instructions to guide yourself through the poses.

  1. Breathe

You already know it’s important to use your eyes to demonstrate your emotion, and this may sound like an obvious one, but breathing is a key aspect in capturing a natural look. This is another good thing to practice in front of the mirror before your shoot. Push the air out while holding the smile and notice how your face and eyes settle into a natural and relaxed expression.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Move Your Body

Staying stationary can often produce a very staged and cheesy look. Just because you are still does not mean that you cannot change your angles to create a fresh and inspired look. Be open and prepared for us to instruct you through different movements. For example, when wearing a dress, we will have you slowly twirl! This automatically brings out great emotion that translates into beautiful pictures!

  1. Bring a Friend

It is always good to have someone who knows how to make you truly laugh and smile around!! Bring that person, whether is a classmate, cousin, aunt or neighbor! Your people are always welcome!


6.Spiffy Up

Yes you, spiffy up! Even if you are typically in sweats, wear no makeup, and put your hair in a messy bun, or guys if you roll out of bed every morning and walk out the door. Girls, spend the extra time curling your hair, getting your makeup done and choosing that outfit that makes you feel like you’re on a fashion runway. Gentlemen, get a fresh hair cut the week before. On the day of the session, shower and shave (even if it’s just peach fuzz) . Treating yourself like a king or queen will help you look confident in your pictures! This is the perfect opportunity to go above and beyond for yourself!


And most importantly, don’t forget that our job is to guide you through the entire proccess!




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