Katie’s Senior Photo Shoot

 *Warning these pictures might invoke uncontrollable laughter*

My senior photoshoots have always been more to me about creating an experience these kids will hold onto for years, than just about taking pictures. My own senior photoshoot experience played a huge role in the photographer that I have become. It was just a few years ago 😉 that I experienced having my senior pictures taken.

 As I drove to Broadripple, I quickly realized that the anticipation of my senior pictures had mounted since my 8th grade year at Hamilton Southeastern.  A few years before, my sister Megan, had her pictures done by “The Photographer” everyone who cared about their pictures used, and a few years before that my oldest sister, Kari, had them done by the same photographer! And I just couldn’t wait to see what creative ideas this photographer had for my pictures!

I remember driving down the entire time, wondering if I brought enough outfits. Did my hair still look good? Would my makeup fade before I even got my first picture taken? What if my pictures just didn’t turn out as good as my sisters!? Oh, the thoughts that crossed my mind!

Andrew Scalini was the photographer that any kid in the Indianapolis area dreamed of having their pictures taken by. I was lucky enough to get to. He was ahead of his time in style, and creative beyond the mind can comprehend.

I remember walking into his studio, slowly opening the door and just standing in awe. I was immediately drawn in to the art on the walls. And by art, I mean photos Scalini had taken himself. They were smooth, but edgy. Perfectly posed but not too posed. His angles were that of an artist. He told a story with each picture.

And then there he was, Scalini. The man I had idolized for years now, was shaking my hand (well the best he could with the layers of clothes hanging over my arms). His studio was upstairs, so we walked upstairs to where we would do the indoor portion of the shoot. I was simply in awe of this studio.

The setup of different backgrounds encompassed me. But they weren’t like other photographers with those faux backgrounds that were supposed to look like you were in the woods or some fairytale setting. His backgrounds were something that you knew were produced by a creative mind.  

There was a tin wall that made from material typically used for roofing. A black wire piece that was grid shaped, and when he would shine a gelled light on it that would produce the same pattern on the wall plus the color from the gel.

He was a creative genius with all he did. He had a white wall that he used to take pictures of his clients on, and the contrast of dark brown hair was beautiful. (I know you can’t believe the current blond isn’t real, huh?) He would produce matte pictures with them instead of using the typical glossy finish and this was one genius way his photographs stood out from the million other photographers in the area.

After we finished in the studio, we took a drive to a local park to get some outdoor shots.  As we were driving he suddenly slammed on the brakes pulling off the road.  My mind began to race trying to figure out if something was wrong with the car or if Scalini was having some type of medical issue! But I quickly realized to my right there was a huge field of Black Eyed Susans that caught his eye as the perfect setting for a picture. To this day it is still my favorite senior picture of myself. It may be because I’m in the overalls I lived in while in high school, but I think it’s because of this great memory I have that is connected to that picture and that field. I don’t know Broad Ripple well, but one place I can get you to is that field.

Scalini had the reputation of being the “expensive” photographer in our area. But he proved over and over, with my sisters, and with me that he was worth spending every penny. He didn’t just create pictures, he created memories that I will hold close forever.  Andrew Scalini, thank you for helping me understand that I can create valuable memories for my clients. What seemed expensive at the time, will forever remain priceless to me.

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