Everything You Need to Know About The Senior Influencer Team


By now you have heard of The Studio Kate’s Senior Influencer Team and are ready to learn how you can enrich your Senior Year by joining this amazing team. Here is all you need to know…


What is a Senior Influencer Team Member?

Senior Influencer Team Members are seniors who represent The Studio Kate, by using resources that The Studio Kate provides to refer their fellow classmates and friends. As a team member, you’ll get a complimentary session, partake in themed group shoots, then spend your Senior Year showing off your incredible senior pictures and offering discounts, that only team members can offer, to anyone and everyone in need of amazing senior pictures!


Why did Kate start the Senior Influencer Team?

Kate has a passion to give to her community and build up other women and girls. This team allows her to do both with the high school seniors in her community. Kate’s favorite part of having the Senior Influencer Team is seeing the girls’ self confidence build from the first shoot to the last.


Who can be a Senior Influencer Team Member?

Anyone who is in the current senior class can apply to be a team member.  The Studio Kate accepts students from public, private, and parochial schools in Hamilton County!  We want to have a diverse team made up of all sizes, ethnicities, religions, and cultures!


For current juniors, check back in January. We will start accepting applicants for the next years Senior Influencer Team during January of your Junior Year.  


How many reps do you accept each year? What are you looking for in a rep?

 The Studio Kate accepts 10 to 12 seniors each year. We look for kind, fun-loving, stylish, outgoing, and incredibly motivated reps who are eager to spread the word about our studio and earn amazing rewards in the process.


How does Kate choose which applicants make the team?

After filling out the application, you will also make an appointment to have an interview with Kate. A parent/guardian must attend the interview with you because it is especially important that they also understand the type of commitment this requires. After all the interviews are done, Kate will thoroughly review all applicants and choose the ones who will best represent the studio!




What do I get as a Senior Influencer Team Member?

We created this team to establish new friendships and most importantly build your own self-confidence! All senior reps get a complimentary photo session including hair, makeup, and image reveal session. Please note that Senior Influencer Team Members purchase their images (prints, wall art, and digital files) like any other client, but will have opportunities to earn extra products once you hit your initial referral goal!  You also get to take part in choosing themes for the group shoots. Group shoots are not just group pictures, but also include creating lots of individual pictures, adding extra pictures to your portfolio of images to choose from. Kate might like to spoil you with goodies throughout the year too.  In addition to the swag in our coveted goodie bags, you will also get a Senior Influencer Studio Kate Shirt.  That shirt is unique every year because it is designed by the team.



Does this sound you?  Are you ready to make some new friends, build up your confidence in front of the camera, and earn some great rewards by representing The Studio Kate?  If so, reach out, tell us a little about yourself, and we’ll help you start your application to be a Senior Influencer! 


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