Senior Portraits with Hamilton South Eastern High School’s – Stephanie

Senior portraits are very important when you are as involved in your senior year of high school as Stephenie is.  This girl participates in more organizations at HSE than anyone we know.  We were thrilled to have her as a part of our Senior Influencer Team for the class of 2020.  Even though Steph calls Noblesville home, for her Senior Fashion Shoot, we headed over to Coxhall Gardens in Carmel at her request.  There are a few well know features here.  There’s a beautiful bell tower, a bridge overlooking some water, and of course, the amphitheater.   We got a few shots in each of these places, but this wasn’t our first time here, so we had a few other ideas up our sleeve.

First off was the parking lot.  OK, not actually the parking lot, but right along its edge, there’s a great wrought iron fence that made for some perfect leading lines with lots of shade. Professional photographers LOVE shade.   When you think about a perfect day for outdoor Portraits most seniors think about a bright and sunny summer day.  But any lover of photography will tell you that a fully overcast day is far more beautiful to us.  In any case, we shot a few there in the shade then walked over toward the barn.  Have you seen this big, red, old school barn?  It’s an amazing backdrop for senior portraits! She changed into something a little more casual/country, and you would have thought we were shooting the album cover for female country music artist of the year.  We captured some great pictures around the old barn, the hand pump over the well, and even back by the grain silo.

As Steph and her mom started to walk back to the car, there was a ray of light that hit this girl square in the head.  We stopped her in her tracks, shifted our position and fill lighting, and caught an unforgettable moment of her in some tall grass while the sun created the perfect glow for her hair.

At that point, I knew we had what we needed.  But before we headed back to the “safe zone” (where every other photographer shoots the same pictures), we made one more stop.  There’s a small building in the park.  That day there was a wedding going on, so we didn’t want to interrupt, but we did sneak a few portraits of Steph in the entryway wearing a pink dress, blue suede heels, and a big floppy hat.  Once again, you would have thought we had a trained model posing for us.

We always cringe a little when we hear a student or a parent tell us they want to have their senior portraits made in the same old place as all their friends.  But the challenge of creating fresh and unique images that are as different as every kid we shoot is part of what makes it so great to be a senior photographer in Noblesville, Indiana.

Hair and Makeup by Rachel at Inked Hair Guru

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Senior Portrait of Hamilton South Eastern High School Senior, Stephanie

Stephanie was part of the 2020 Senior Class team and she had a blast! Katie Plummer is the best! If you have an incoming senior, check out The Studio Kate! You will not be disappointed!

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Senior Portrait of Hamilton South Eastern High School Senior, Stephanie
Senior Portrait of Hamilton South Eastern High School Senior, Stephanie

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